About Us

Tutis is an established local supplier of communication and security systems for the healthcare community in the San Francisco Bay Area region. Tutis has provided specialized products and services that help our healthcare customers solve their communication and security challenges in acute care hospitals, universities, retirement communities, nursing homes, clinics, assisted-living facilities and physician office buildings.

Tutis is independently owned and operated. Therefore, our portfolio of products and services is not restricted or dependent upon any single manufacturer or supplier. Over the years, a large measure of our success can be attributed to our ability to bring our customers the highest quality communication and security solutions regardless of brand or distribution strategy. Tutis is committed to providing our customers with the best in building controls and wireless technologies to enhance the internal and external communications and security operations of their organizations

RESPONSE When issues of security are at stake, a fast, professional response is vital. To ensure that the Tutis team is a fully committed part of your team, we have adopted a one-hour return call policy. That means that if the person you need to talk to is not immediately available, he or she will return your call within the hour.

RESOURCES Tutis has the resources to back up our full-service focus. We have partnered with top security equipment manufacturers. These affiliations provide Tutis with virtually unlimited access to leading-edge security products and services. Tutis personnel regularly participate in industry training and certification programs to insure the highest level of expertise, quality and service.


Our commitment to responsiveness and our depth of resources generate award-winning results.

TUTIS’ PHILOSOPHY Tutis takes great pride in bringing you our people. We are highly experienced integration professionals and system engineers that are dedicated to providing you with the most diverse array of products and services available today. That’s why we’re known as a “first call resource” for security issues.

Our clients rely on us to deliver innovative, yet cost-effective solutions that address their most demanding security concerns. Make Tutis your first call when it comes to everything related to safety and security, and we will be an integral part of your team.