Access Control

Tutis deploys state-of-the-art security solutions developed by leading manufacturers in the industry. Integrated security solutions can interface to traditional and IP video, intrusion and network alarm, visitor management, and ID management packages. Tutis has experience providing systems from stand-alone single door access control solutions to enterprise systems that allow management of cardholders, readers, and alarm points for campus-type environments or geographically remote locations.

Electronic access control systems are the core business of Tutis. We design solutions that are unique to your requirements using the most modern technologies available; open-architecture systems that support industry standard databases, operating systems, and network protocols. Our systems support analog, digital, and IP video cameras and recorders, and industry standard photo ID credential printers.

Tutis has years of experience integrating traditional access control solutions that have evolved to include biometric verification systems, hard-wire and wireless network connectivity, and cross-communication with IT functions. The convergence of logical and virtual security has led to the integration of human resource data, LDAP, and network management systems. Information sharing is critical to implementing effective in support of quality business practices

Controlling Who Goes Where and When…

Security is on everyone’s mind. And the security challenges of a modern healthcare organization are enormous. On one hand, healthcare managers want patients, family and members of the community to view their facilities as open, inviting and accessible to those who need it. On the other hand, healthcare providers must protect the welfare of their patients, staff, visitors and physical assets from those who may do harm. Tutis understands these difficult security issues and challenges.

Electronic access control can play a major role in providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment for the patients, staff and visitors in these facilities.

Healthcare today consists of a wide range of facility types, services and departments including direct patient care, resident living, parking structures, loading docks, food services, laboratories, materials management, physician/administrative offices, plant operations, pharmacy, information systems, clinics, surgical suites, ambulatory and sub-acute areas just to name a few. Each has a unique security risk where access to certain locations needs to be granted only to those people who are authorized to be there. With a properly designed and implemented security plan, electronic access control can play a major role in providing the utmost protection for the people and property in a healthcare organization.

Tutis’ electronic access control products are selected for their flexibility in healthcare applications. Our electronic access control solutions may include:

Intelligent Door Controllers Multiple Access Levels
Flexible Wiring Topology Visitor Management
Windows-Based Software Multiple Workstations
Database Partitioning CCTV/Digital Video Recording
Supervised Alarms Report Generator
Photo ID Badging Biometrics
Integrated Calendar Anti-Passback Protection
Graphical Lay-Outs Proximity Readers & Cards

Please feel free to contact us about your need to control who goes where and when in your facility.