Infant Protection

Infant abductions, mother/baby mix-ups are  common fear among hospital   administrators for some time.

Two functions are available within an infant abduction system.  While such equipment does prevent and newborn-hospitaldeter the kidnapping of infants from child delivery / obstetrics units in hospitals, many of the systems also include a mother-to-kinderguard_bracelet_baby_dgi_technologieschild matching feature that will prevent newborns from being confused and given to the wrong parents. Infant protection equipment can tie directly into the hospital Unit’s access control system, automatically locking the exits when a child nears the door.

Tutis works hard to provide our healthcare clients with the latest infant security and patient wandering technologies. Tutis designs, installs and maintains abduction with cut band technology and wandering systems that address the unique security needs for each of our customers

We adopted Secure Care Products infant abduction systems.  The system features, cut band technology, water-resistant and tamper-proof infant bands that prevent unauthorized removal from the child. The bands even shrink to fit during the infant’s first 48-hours and only the band’s soft material comes into contact with the baby’s sensitive skin. Secure Care Kinder Guard systems meet FCC, UL, NFPA, NEC and UL requirements and are rigorously tested for fire, shock and performance reliability. matchmakeridAs parents rely on the safety and security of their infants inside a facility, Tutis Group and Secure Care  provide the required technology to help keep mothers and babies safe and secure while on site.  Tutis Group is partnered with the full line of Securecare Products Infant Protection System.  As a Licensed California C-7 Contractors, we can provide a complete end to end  turn key Infant Protection solution.