Tutis believes that the best foundation for a solid and effective relationship with any healthcare organization is the demonstrated commitment to service. After all, healthcare providers are on the forefront of life-saving and life-enhancing missions that require dedicated people to work diligently around the clock to help their patients and residents. And they shouldn’t accept anything less from their service partners.

serviceField services are the crowning touch to our business activities. Our field service technicians provide on-site repair and restoration services on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis. Our field service response times are the best in the marketplace. In most cases, our technical people are on location within 4-hours of a service request…often sooner. And if the customer prefers, our technicians can resolve a technical problem quickly over the phone before dispatching field personnel to reduce the risks of downtime.

Our service is non-stop. Our healthcare customers rely on us because their organizations are short-staffed, lack the necessary technical training and have limited resources to dedicate to repair and restoration services. Since no single service plan can cover all customers, Tutis can tailor our technical services to satisfy individual client needs and circumstances. Some of these technical offerings might cover:Technicians

  1. An in-depth review and analysis of your existing communication and security needs;
  2. A general over-view of your current situation along with recommendations for improvements;
  3. An all inclusive 24-hour, 7-day per week maintenance contract;
  4. An on-call agreement to provide time-and material services after our normal business hours as well as holidays and weekends;
  5. Time-and-material services performed during our normal working hours;
  6. Telephone support to assist your technical people;
  7. ·Operational and technical training to your staff;
  8. Spare parts and equipment support;
  9. Loaner equipment and parts;
  10. Rental equipment for short term use.

Hospitals, universities, nursing homes, assisted-living communities, convalescent centers, outpatient clinics and physician offices need cost effective emergency on-site repair and restoration services for their vital communication and security systems.  We are Licensed California low voltage C-7 Contractors, andwe can provide you a complete end to end  turn key field service support.