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Tutis specializes in CCTV surveillance systems that range from stand-alone cameras of fully integrated security control centers and to the immerging IP addressable camera market. Today we are faced with an explosion of new technologies that are revolutionizing the way we view and interact with CCTV systems. At Tutis we are committed to understanding and recommending the right solution for our customers. Security is on everyone’s mind, and security in the health environment had been focus and specialty.  Most healthcare organizations wouldn’t consider opening their doors to the public without a closed circuit television system in place as an important component of their overall security plan. In a modern healthcare facility, CCTV systems can serve multiple purposes:

1. CCTV systems can function as a deterrent to criminal activity. Whether inside or outside the facility, people are less likely to commit crime or do harm when they believe their activity is being monitored and recorded.

2. CCTV systems can provide evidence and documentation of criminal activity. Authenticated video recordings and pictures can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

3. CCTV systems can help healthcare organizations expand the surveillance and scope of their security plan and personnel. As it is difficult to be everywhere all the time, closed circuit television systems can assist the security team with extending their range and coverage.

CCTV IP-Camera Contractor, Security System Installer Hospitals

CCTV systems within a healthcare facility allow empirical evidence for event reconstruction.  Security departments can be staffed and dispatched to handle events as they happen.  Healthcare organizations have unique challenges and concerns with the deployment and operation of a closed circuit television system. Patient privacy, employee monitoring, risk management, workplace violence, “reasonable expectation” liability and other issues can impact the size, scope, placement and use of the system. For example, if patients or employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a particular place, then cameras should not be located there. However, the use of cameras in seclusion rooms, where patients may cause harm to themselves or others, is generally considered acceptable and reasonable.

Tutis designs video archive solutions that provide storage and retrieval systems for clients with short or long-term requirements. Video information can be used in support of security-breach or facility monitoring. Tutis has experience in this type of comprehensive system design.

CCTV IP-Camera Contractor, Security System Installer Hospitals

Tutis  can also provide a solution if your application requires the need to transmit video over existing networks, long or short-range wireless deployments, or over existing PBX infrastructures

IP System Design and 3rd party system integration is Tutis Group strength in a surveillance market that known for one

  1. View, record and playback images on a standard Windows-based computer
  2.  No central management equipment (multiplexers, monitors, video recorders, etc.)
  3.  Live images via the internet from anywhere in the world at anytime
  4. Two lenses for both wide-angle and telephoto images simultaneously
  5.  Internal infrared light source for night vision
  6.  Built-in speaker and microphone for bi-directional audio
  7.  User definable motion detection and alarm notification
  8.  Internal logo generator and image authentication
  9.  Single or multiple camera displays on your computer
  10.  High resolution (5 and 8 MP), built-in 4x zoom, automatic day/night operation, 180 Degree viewing
  11.  Indoor, outdoor, dome and vandal-resistant models available

We have integrated the following type of systems :

axis, CCTV IP-Camera Contractor, Security System Installer Hospitals

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